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Humanizing is a sustainable brand of cashmere and silk gym wear, suitable for both yoga and streetwear. A Zen capsule collection of gym wear for urban leisure or soft clothing for yoga.
The philosophy behind the brand is an appeal to all of us to cherish our humanity.
The colours of the collection reflect the beauty of our planet: its mysterious, empty landscapes with the colours of the moon and the sand of deserts empty of mankind. The human race has not been kind to the planet: only now are we beginning to realise the gravity of global warming.

Humanizing is a kind of Shamanic Journey, a dream within a dream, a subconscious confession to the heart, a PRAYER FOR THE UNIVERSE and for new generations.
By wearing this collection we support a natural lifestyle and a genuine kind of beauty for a new type of human: the woman of the future with a spiritual and futuristic beauty connected to Mother Earth and its ethical values.
Love is nether a state of grace nor an illusion but is a part of BECOMING HUMAN, a condition created moment by moment by human beings with intelligence and heart. The only emotion that artificial life cannot yet experience.
So always be in love.

Raw Material

Our production of cachemire and silk is naturally 100% MADE IN ITALY. Everything is done with a great attention to details and love for italian crafts.

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