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A slow nomad exhibition

Humanizing is a exibition of photography inspired to lunar landscape is an appeal to all of us to cherish our Humanity. The pictures of this exhibition remind us to a planet with mysterious empty landscapes with the colours of the moon, desaturates sky and deserts absolutely empty of any mankind. A planet without human presence.
Human race has not been kind to mother heart and only now are we beginning to realise the gravity of global warming.

Humanizing is a kind of Shamanic Journey in to the future, a dream within a dream, a prayer for the Universe and most of all a prayer for the NEW GENERATIONS.
Love is nether a state of grace nor an illusion but is a part of BECOMING more HUMAN, a condition created moment by moment by human beings with intelligence, heart and a better connection with mother nature and its ethical values. Love is the only emotion that artificial life cannot yet experience.

... some day we will fall down and we will understand it all …